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RSS feed not available

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  • Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Dannydone,

    your facebook page is not getting opened.

    Are you getting opened?

    I am getting the exact same error. Suggestions?

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Maria,

    Let me check it.

    I need your facebook page ID or your facebook page url



    Same problem with me. Works fine if using a numeric FB pageID as I’ve tested with older pages but returning the “RSS Feed currently unavailable” for named pages.

    Hope you can help.




    It is because of the named pages but it is easy to get around.

    Go to your page and click ‘edit page’ and hover over one of the options. At the bottom of your browser take a note of the ?id=number shown in the target link. Enter this number in the widget and it works like a dream.


    No, the problem is not resolved. Tonykj, you are supposed to use the page id number to begin with as stated with the instructions:

    The plugin was working for me, but stopped working this past week. I am using the ID number and still get the “RSS Feed currently unavailable” message. Did Facebook make a change in the RSS feed?


    I forgot to add that you also need to amend the file fbf_facebook_feed.php on line 50 and remove the variable .$feed_link_id. and replace with the page id so the complete line would look like this……

    $feed_link_array .= ‘,http://www.facebook.com/feeds/page.php?=Your Page ID&format=rss20′;

    I did that and it is still not working for me. The feed itself is active. I even tried directly assigning the RSS URL to the $feed variable and still do not have any content displaying correctly. I looked at the error log and found the following:

    PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function init() on a non-object in …fbf_facebook_page_feed.php on line 59

    Line 59 has: if (!is_wp_error($feed)) : $feed->init();

    I ended up hard coding the path to feed.php and that resolved the fatal errors, but I still get the message “RSS Feed currently unavailable.” Is there an issue with fetch_feed?

    Googling this seems to indicate it may be a widespread problem – ANY help that can be offered would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi graynotgrey & AidanH

    Send me your facebook page url.

    Let me check this and get back to you ASAP.


    My page is https://www.facebook.com/AidanHeritage and the page ID is 263911305997

    When I typed “fbf facebook feed rss feed not available” into Google yesterday I found a LOT of sites using the plugin that display this text

    corrected google search is “FBF Facebook Feed RSS Feed currently unavailable” but you probably guessed that – it still shows a LOT of sites with this issue

    Plugin Author lakshmananphp


    Hi Adian,

    The widget shows feed from your facebook page.

    Have a look at the screenshot here


    I’m also having the same issue at http://uwsn.org
    Facebook ID=54706538614

    I’m not sure when it started, but it was working. Thanks!

    The test site I’m using is http://aidanh.getfreehosting.co.uk/ and I’ve got the ID as specified, BUT I’m still seeing the issue? Screen shot of my widget setup http://snag.gy/of4pH.jpg – and as mentioned, google seems to bring a LOT of sites showing this issue?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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