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rss feed not adding to myyahoo

  • I cannot get my feed to be added by myyahoo for some reason. It is valid (validated it at feedvalidator.org)

    I keep getting the following message:

    There were some problems while loading your page:

    Sorry, we were unable to add this feed. Please try again later.

    My site is http://www.thechicecologist.com I have been able to add other feeds just fine, just not mine. Anyone else have this problem?

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  • I get the same thing. It worked fine last week but now I get the exact same error you get.

    Works fine in Google homepage.

    Is it a Yahoo thing? i noticed that i get the same error when i subscribe to the RSS feed for this topic, and when i try and subscribe to a completely unrelated xml feed from another one of my sites. It wont work if i try and run it through feedburner either. Strange that i can add blogger.com rss feeds to my yahoo just fine though.

    We’re running WordPress 2.6.2 I’ve found that it’s definitely a Yahoo thing. Validate your feed here to make sure you’re up to standards and don’t have any errors, etc.:


    After getting a 100% valid feed, it still didn’t work for us, then I found changing my theme’s feed link from this:
    http://your-site.com/?feed=rss2 to this: http://your-site.com/index.php?feed=rss seems to have done the trick. It’s probably a pure coincidence, but letting yahoo know the actual page (index.php) before the feed variable and changing to regular rss (not rss2) seems to be working. (Despite Yahoo recommends rss2).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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