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  • I set up a MailChimp campaign to automatically send out my blog posts. I started this in the middle of last year and had no issues.

    After not posting to my blog for a while during fall of last year, I posted a new blog and the email didn’t send. I contacted MailChimp support, who said that my feed was invalid and not an issue they could fix. Here is the reply:

    We validate RSS feeds using a tool very similar to the tool found here:

    If you place your feed in that address field, you should see it return an error, and highlight everything that it is showing wrong resulting from that error. In this case, there appears to be a parsing error starting on line 8. I would recommend reaching out to your web developer — or perhaps WordPress Support — with this information, showing them the error returned by the feed validator, and seeing if they can configure it so it validates through this tool. If it does, it should also validate through us, and you should be able to resume sending.

    I’ve used the validator myself and haven’t seen any errors. I did update WordPress and don’t think this relates to any plug-ins. I’m not sure what would have changed during fall of last year so that the RSS feed email no longer works.

    Any help or insight into this is appreciated. Thanks!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • So MailChimp says the reason this isn’t working is that your feed isn’t valid, and gave you a tool to test.

    You tested with the tool THEY GAVE YOU, but the tool says –“This is a valid RSS feed” — and reports no errors. (I just tried myself — no error was reported).

    Have you brought this up with MailChimp?

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    I have but they’ve (politely) said this isn’t their problem.

    This has happened to me, as well. I haven’t sent out an RSS campaign since February 16th, and yesterday I tried to change the hour at which Mailchimp crawls the feed and suddenly my RSS isn’t valid. I tried the validator and it sees no problems. I also tried deactivating all of my plugins, and that didn’t work, either. Reverting back to an early February WordPress (5.6.1) didn’t help.



    So that is it then? MailChimp is not going to help anyone with their error? I guess we’ll all have to find a MailChimp alternative now. Lame.



    Yeah. I switched to Mailerlite and they had no trouble finding my RSS. The only downside is their RSS setup isn’t as intelligent as that of Mailchimp.



    what a frustration! my guess is mailchimp’s server/stack has an outdated CA cert. I got a cert error on my cert using curl until i updated and older version of curl to a newer version… we had to disable the force https redirect on our hosting and use a non-https url for mailchimp to work. eg

    I’m amazed you got their support to respond at all. I’ve tried multiple requests and get crockets.

    I too have been having RSS fails since Feb.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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