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  • Hello there 🙂 I’ve been trying feverishly to get my RSS feed through iTunes. After much frustration, I have been in contact with my domain host, and they tell me they can see the problem, but cannot fix it. and it is that RSS feeds are not being produced correctly with WP. I’ve been directed here. Can anyone help?

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  • JennaTalksVideo is my site. and and as well. Mine, not anyone else’s.

    And? That doesn’t change anything. You cannot add another site’s posts into your feed. It’s not possible – full stop.

    I’m not trying to add another site’s posts into my feed. I am trying to get MY Feed, from One site,, onto iTunes.

    I have to go for a bit. I’m not doing what you think I’m doing. One site, One feed. Mine. on iTunes. iTunes REQUIRES my RSS Feed for Podcast Submission.

    And your feed is now populated. I assume you finally installed an RSS Page plugin, yes?

    Yes but guess what, still wouldn’t go through iTunes Podcast Submission last night. I am still having the exact same issue. My domain host says the same thing this morning, that it is a Word Press issue.

    I am officially at a loss and thinking I’ll try something not Word Press for iTunes. I’d really like to get my podcast there. It’s been important to me. I can’t seem to find anyone that can help with this. Thanks for your efforts though.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the feed now. I’ve validated it and it checks out 100%.
    Feed validator results

    I know! 😛 Isn’t it frustrating. I also validated my feed. And still, no iTunes action. It’s been validated a hundred times and I cannot figure why iTunes cannot accept it.

    Since it’s no longer an issue on WordPress, I can only suggest that you try asking on an iTunes related forum

    You talked this in a circle here. The same problem remains. You finally got up to speed. The feed is VALID.

    (The feed was valid yesterday and the day before. After much dinking around with my site, in order to fix the feed problem with iTunes, the feed became not valid. It then became valid again. The validity of the feed through the feed Validator is not the issue.)

    It is still a WP RSS feed problem. Again my domain host technicians confirm this and direct me to WP help. They tell me it is in fact NOT an iTunes issue but that WP feeds are not being produced correctly. If you think they are in error, please try submitting my feed to iTunes store podcast submissions. If it goes through for you, I will never bug you again. Except to find out why 😛

    Late yesterday, the feed was completely empty – as I mentioned repeatedly. In fact, you specifically said that you had removed all Posts and were moving to using only Pages – at which point I suggested that you install an RSS Pages plugin as only posts are listed in RSS feeds by default.

    Cut to 10 hours ago when I posted:

    And your feed is now populated. I assume you finally installed an RSS Page plugin, yes?

    Notice the reference to an RSS Page plugin? That would be because your RSS feed now contain PAGE URLs – something that is not possible without a plugin.

    The feed was valid yesterday

    22 hours ago your feed was empty. I even checked the feed’s source file.

    the feed became not valid. It then became valid again.

    Feeds do not become invalid and then go valid again all by themselves. Something on the site has to change to cause, Since you’re presumably the only one with access to your site…

    The validity of the feed through the feed Validator is not the issue.

    When you are submitting an RSS feed to a 3rd party, validity is ALWAYS an issue.

    Your feed url is

    This feed is currently still valid. Check it yourself and see.

    Your WordPress RSS feed is valid, and perfectly formed. Either there is an issue with iTunes & someone there is giving you the runaround. Or you are submitting completely the wrong feed url.

    There is nothing else we can do for you here.

    Yes, that is obvious 😛

    I am the one that made the feed valid, then invalid and back, in manipulating my website to try new things to TRY to fix this issue. You were contacted in the middle of all of this in my desperate effort to get helped. 😛

    The feed does not work through iTunes podcast submission. Not today, not yesterday, not at all. Thanks though, for outlining the problem.

    Just leave the feed alone for a while. You know now that it’s fine. Fiddling could just break it again. Double check that you’re submitting the right feed url:

    My site Perfect BloggersTech rss feed works every where fine but when auto generate my site feed then it will not works. This is the my site feed at
    Any way to solve this issue .Quick reply me please as Youtube informs me 2 times to fix the issue .

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