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  • Hello there 🙂 I’ve been trying feverishly to get my RSS feed through iTunes. After much frustration, I have been in contact with my domain host, and they tell me they can see the problem, but cannot fix it. and it is that RSS feeds are not being produced correctly with WP. I’ve been directed here. Can anyone help?

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  • Unless you provide a link to your site, no one will be able to offer much in the way of assistance.

    Alrighty, it is I was under the impression this was a word press issue unspecific to my sites. Oops 🙂 Thank you, Moderator. I can’t even work the forums today. It IS Monday!

    You don’t appear to have published any Posts yet. By default RSS feeds only include Posts – not Pages.

    Right. I had the podcast in two separate pieces loaded up on separate players, in two POSTS yesterday just so I could make this happen. No dice. Error about xml invalidity and no content in the prolog or something.

    Today, it is different. I have placed the podcast episodes back into one player, on a static page the way I wanted it. The feed page looks like it can see the podcast. Still no go. iTunes error 404. Today, my domain hosts looked into it and said WP is not configuring the feed right.

    If you want to to use Pages, you will need an RSS Pages plugin.

    I will try that, but I still don’t know why posts don’t work either. Thank you….

    The RSS feed now produced cannot be found. I am using WP RSS Multi Importer. It’s own feed it developed cannot be found when clicked on from my dashboard!

    Your site’s feed is at

    Yes, that is true, however I am using a program that has allowed an export setting. I am using Word Press RSS Multi Importer. It is supposed to make the RSS feed “pages” and not “posts”. Like you suggested. Neither feed link works. Still. I am honestly trying here, not just being lazy. This is not working. It is broken.

    I am using a program that has allowed an export setting

    What program? From where?

    If you want to to use Pages, you will need an RSS Pages plugin.

    WP RSS Multi Importer. From WP. Uploaded and installed through WP through my website’s dashboard.

    That plugin simply imports RSS feeds to display on your WordPress site. It does not turn the imported feeds into a feed for your site. You have to publish your own Posts to create a feed for your site.

    Yes, I did that yesterday. My RSS feed wasn’t working for posts, as I already stated. It is not working. Word Press is broken. No proper RSS. I THEN changed my site back to static page, and still, the RSS is broken. It is broken POST and broken PAGE.

    Maybe I should start over….. I am trying to get my podcast ON iTunes. I am not trying to import anything.

    WordPress is not broken. You cannot add other site’s posts into your feed. Publish your own posts first if you want a populated feed.

    What? I am not trying to do anything with anyone else’s work. My podcast is mine, made by me. I want to put it on iTunes. Why is this so hard? My domain host techs tell me WP is not configuring my RSS feeds correctly and put me in touch with you.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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