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  • Hi my blog is at

    It is a new install, not update, The RSS does not appear to work I’m using the default theme with a colour change on the header using the interface….no tweaking of the template.

    If you click the RSS Feed link at the bottom it gives the following error.

    Invalid xml declaration.
    Line: 2 Character: 3

    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

    I can only find posts asking for help with this. Can the moderators point to the solution if there is one?

    I’m really not au fau with blogs and how they work, when one clicks on the trackback link, it appears in the browser should the browser be blank?

    Also i activated akismet but the blog disappeared.. i had another window open and was able to deactivate, a friend did the same but had delete her plugins folder in ftp. Does this also not work correctly?

    I can’t see what I’ve done wrong, could someone give me some pointers?

    Thanks Tina

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  • The feed issue is because there’s an extra line at the top of the feed.

    9 times out of 10, that’s caused by a plugin — go through your plugin files and look for any that have anything before the opening/top

    or anything after the closing
    at the very bottom of the file.

    oh as an aside: anyone can answer questions here, not just moderators! Don’t confuse moderator with expert 😉

    I know I just figured i was missing something vital in not finding a straight answer.

    You were correct the backup plugin has two blank lines at the bottom, hopefully this will help others .. when they search for this answer.

    Fixing that also fixed the trackback the page is no longer blank.

    Still stuck on the askismet question though, I had a glimmer of a thought… if comments for subbers is ticked, would that cause the blank out?

    Thanks for answering.


    I’m a bit puzzled by your Akismet issue. You activate the plugin and your entire blog disappears?

    That’s definitely not normal.

    Maybe try a fresh download from and re-upload?

    Everything was fresh .. but I will try it again. Making sure i have another window open first!!

    I’ll come back with details.



    Take also into account that the INTERNET EXPLORER feed reader (firefox does not suffer from that) Will return an error page (via teh \feed\ url) or blank page (via the \?feed=rss2 url) IF ANY SCRIPT AS BEEN ADDED to your WordPress INDEX.PHP (let’s say like a google analytics java script).

    So put your scripts into the template and it will be fine 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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