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  • I have this problem that out of nowhere, the RSS Feed Link (assuming wp-rss2.php), after working properly, will stop working and create an error in Firefox – a Redirect Loop error.

    I have used the remedy of disabling all plugins, grabbing the RSS link (which comes up), and then enable all plugins, then testing the RSS link again (which comes up until it doesn’t again).

    So, the last time it happened, I grabbed a mysqldump to determine the diff before I fixed it, with what the database looked like afterward.

    The only diff was on ID#: 108 of the wp-options table. The difference between the two dumps was the timecode of when each plugin was installed. (I am assuming that it is a timecode, ID# 108 has a long data field that holds an array and I had to break it apart to make any sense of it, it is the last field of all numbers on the array record.) The diff in the timecode is somehow related (and I have no idea how) to the RSS Feeds link working or providing a Redirect Loop error.

    I am not very familiar with WordPress core programming (though I am gaining an appreciation for it). If someone could identify what is causing this, I would really really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks!

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  • FIXED: This is a Feedburner Redirect Configuration Issue!

    For those installing Feedburner Plugins, you must complete the install by setting up an account in Feedburner, adding your feeds there, and then configure Feedburner in WordPress to redirect externally to the Feedburner feeds that you set up.

    If you don’t do this, it will do the Redirect Loop error and make it appear that the RSS function is broken somehow.

    i am having this redirect problem all of a sudden. my site was full yoperational for over a year before this started one day. i am using the feedsmith pluggin are you? if so where did you configure it to redirect externally? i dont see that option. if not, what pluggin are you using? thanks!!

    i resolved my issue as well. it turns out i added an index.htm redirector about 3 weeks ago to the index.php file because google webmaster tools claimed that my site had some broken external links to index.htm. apparently this redirector destroys rss feeds.

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