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  • nycgraphix


    I am getting some error messages when trying to access my feeds, either for the main feed or the comments feed. I ran it through the feed validation site and if you follow the link it will show you the error messages that I am getting. If someone could help me out with this that would be very cool.


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  • arizk


    I just solved the same problem (the first error in your validation) with my wordpress blogs. The problem (for me) was additional blank lines at the end of wp-includes/functions.php and at the end of my wp-config.php. Removing those cleared up the problem.

    It seems to be dependent on what host/server you’re using though, as I had no problems with the exact same files on my laptop (OS X).


    I do not know what you mean about the blank lines at the end of either the functions.php or the wp-config.php? Can you explain a little bit more about it?

    Blank = empty lines before the starting
    or after the last closing

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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