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  • Hello,
    I was wondering how can i import RSS feed from other sites on individual pages/posts ? I was able to import RSS From yahoo feeds and other sources and place them in the footer.php page, but since the posts are .htaccess creations and not actual files, where and how can the code be placed so feeds specific to that category be displayed.

    For example display Science feed from yahoo, on a topic based on science.

    Is there a way to do {php} include {/php} call using the editor for posting new pages/posts ? So that on each individual page i can just insert the php code itself ?

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  • There are plugins to include php code in posts, like
    Exec-PHP. But then you would write the same in a lot of posts.

    You could create a simple plugin to scan the content for a specific instruction like {rss} and replace that with data from a RSS feed using the fetch_rss function.

    Thanks i am going to try that, and since i mannually code all my posts as wodpress makes them xhtml invalid, it shouldnt be much issue and since iam a noob i wont be able to code any plugin to help ease my pain, unless someone takes up and comes up with such a wonnderful plug.

    Thanks, got the thing working with role manager to make sure guests, editors cannot execute php and wipe everything.

    So those looking for solution go to to get the exec plugin.

    Than go to

    for role manager to disable execution of php by users other than yourself.

    I wait for someone to actually combine all the features into some nice plugin for wordpress.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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