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  • Howdy,

    I run a website with plenty of audio content. It’s basically a repository of lectures on various topics given by my rabbi. Most of the content is displayed as lists on pages of links to MP3 files with dynamic players. See for an example.

    Each page has it’s gallery of attached media. The way I’ve hooked things, the featured image is gallery item #1, the first MP3 is gallery item #2, etc.

    What I’d like is to have a plugin which will generate an RSS feed for each of these pages, based on the gallery order. Since these pages develop over time, as our class progresses through materials, I want the RSS feeds to update as we add MP3s to the site. Ideally, all updates will be performed on command (i.e. not manually) to prevent errors and mistakes from being published.

    What’s my best bet over here? I did a few searches for “Rss from gallery wordpress” etc without much luck.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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