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  • Hi
    On my blog we have two sections, the main section for stories, and another section for our daily market updates:

    I have noticed that some blog readers show all posts and some just show posts from the main section. I want to have an RSS feed for all posts, one for stories, and one for the market updates.

    Where should I start? Is there a plugin that will do this?


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  • WordPress supports category feeds. That means that if your Market Updates articles are in a particular category (which is the case) then you can have an RSS for just the Market Updates at:

    Now, I don’t know how would that work for the ‘stories’ you mention.


    Thats a great start anyway thanks

    You can also do Tag Feeds. So if your posts belong to more than one category, it might be easier to add a new tag for each feed.

    Thanks, wp_guy, this came just in time. I’d like to ask a related question here: in the example of edzillion, suppose I have 3 categories and I want an RSS feed for each of them separately, how can I give each feed it’s own title in the RSS reader? By default, WP puts the name of the blog in the feed title, so all feeds will appear under the same title.

    What I would like to do is add the title of the category to the title of the feed, like this: my blog title is “My wonderful blog”. I have 3 categories, called “News”, “Events” and “Places”. I’d like the feed to appear as “My wonderful blog – News”, etc…

    Is this possible?

    Sorry cant figure it out . After your create this


    on the browser what do you do ? Where do you enter this to create a separate feed

    i tried this way


    and this way

    what do i do next

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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