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    • First about my site and history

    Own hosted wordpress site:

    I moved from blogger to my own (mt) hosted platform. This went fine and I did installa a couple of important plugins like Akimset, wp-cache (on mt admin’s advice, Sociable etc..not much)

    Now problem is that I don’t want to lose my subscriber base but want to enhance it. Feedburner burning fails, validation fails (validator admin does notice that it takes too long).

    Pingdom/fpt give s thsi error: Processing was stopped because of internal error: TIMEOUT_EXPIRED()

    Now I don’t have too many plougins
    Installed wp-cache on (mt) admins advice
    My theme is a borrowed one, apparently used by many:

    Hopefully I’ve given you enough info to help me out here.

    Appreciate the help in advnance.

    Tarry Singh

    What else could be going wrong here?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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