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  • tracian


    can anybody please help me solve a huge RSS problem?

    I am running a bilingual website via the QTranslate plugin, and one RSS feed just won’t work. – works perfectly (and it is the non-base language!) – doesn’t work

    When I run the feed through a validator, it is apparent that the problem is a non-closing <category> tag, as in the following example.
    Instead of:


    Now an explanation: QTranslate defines post tags as

    [:en]English tag[:it]Italian tag

    and in fact the website/it/feed version correctly displays them as:

    <category><![CDATA[[:en]English tag[:it]Italian tag]]></category>
    <category><![CDATA[[:en]English tag2[:it]Italian tag2]]></category>


    However, the website/feed version mangles them as:

    <category><![CDATA[[:en]English tag1English tag2

    I have already submitted this question to the QTranslate support forum, but got no response.
    I have not customized the plugin and I am using it by the book, so I suspect something else might cause the error.

    Can anybody suggest a possible solution?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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