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  • can anyone help with this?

    My feed also broke, I noticed it yesterday too, I posted a thread here

    it broke after I upgraded to WP 2.2

    Feed Validator says my error is in Line 1

    It’s a rather pressing problem for me, I really need my feed to work this week, people are checking it for current news. Unfortunately I am going to post a request for Paid help, because I’ve waited 12 hours without a response on here. If I get an answer I will share it here.

    where can i get paid help? and how much is it?

    This site, of course, is totally free support. In fact if you ask to pay someone on here, your thread gets closed, so don’t.

    You have infinite options for Paid Help, the price varies & sometimes it’s hard to find someone willing/skilled to do your job depending on the pay. Start with the WP-Pro email list (you register, then you can send emails to them with your needs). Also a site called projects4hire or something like that. Thirdly, you can independently contact any web developer, or find the site of someone selling WP services.

    I posted a Job offer to fix this RSS problem, on the WP-Pros email list, 30 minutes ago. I have received 1 reply so far, and his answer did not fix the problem yet. He’s taking another look. If he fixes it, I’m going to pay a small amount we agreed on.

    I wish someone on this forum could just fix it for free, sooner.

    If it solves the problem, will you report back here? I’ve had the same thing and I am working with Feedburner to try and resolve it and other problems that seem to be associated with the upgrade.

    My error is fixed. Problem was a “space” at the end of a plugin file. I could have narrowed it down earlier, if I had followed diagnostic techniques properly and consistently (Deactivate All Plugins and Re-activate one-by-one, testing for the error).

    This plugin file seemingly had NOTHING to do with RSS, yet it caused my RSS feeds to be borked. Who knew?! Surprised me.

    Thank You to everyone who reads the Support forums to give advice and share techniques. The support here is invaluable.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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