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  • I had a fresh install of a new WP weblog here:

    However, the RSS feed at the bottom of the page doesn’t work when you click on it, or validate through FeedBurner (yes, I tried deleting the “feed” prefix to the link).

    Any ideas? I have looked through the site, but other than thinking it may have something to to do with htaccess, I am at a loss.

    Thanks, and I am a happy user of WP and a paid supporter!


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  • Here’s a link that may help you. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me because not being a programmer when they digressed into code talk I got lost, and nobody bothered to come back into these forums and make a simple “to make it work, do this” post for us dummies.

    The technical discussion is here:


    Moderator James Huff


    This is a known bug:

    There is patch available in the last comment.

    Does that mean the only change we should make is the change indicated in the last comment or should we also make the change indicated in the first comment which is to comment out lines 112-115 of wp-blog-header.php?


    Thanks everyone, I’ll give it a go; I am not code-handy, however.

    I wonder if there is something else I can put in at Feedburner that will validate….

    I may just go back to pre-1.5 for the near term…

    Moderator James Huff


    Just replace the wp-blog-header.php file. The changes mentioned in the bug feedback have been implemented into the new wp-blog-header.php file.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    To follow up on what macmanx suggested, download this and replace your current wp-blog-header.php with it.


    thank you. Although the help in these forums is phenomenal, sometimes people forget the details. macmanx mentioned a “new” file, but did not indicate where to get it. I downloaded the latest release from and saw it was the old file.

    I will use your supplied link, but for future reference, can somebody supply a bookmark where files such as the wp-blog-header.php are stored as bugs are fixed on a daily basis?


    Moderator James Huff

    (@macmanx) is the official bug tracker. Stick with it, follow the comments, and download the patches when they become available.

    Thanks a bunch! The link still 404’s due to the “feed” prefix, but I’ll enter the plain RSS link into FeedBurner, and then alter the code on my template to point to the FB feed.

    UPDATE: I tried editing index.php like I did with Kubrick in the pre-1.5 days. But there’s nothing there! What file do I modify? This is what my pre-1.5 weblog looks like:

    Sorry for basic questions. WP 1.5 is otherwise awesome; I really like the dashboard…

    Moderator James Huff


    Either Footer Template (footer.php) for Sidebar Template (sidebar.php), depending on where you want to put the link.

    Thank you, sir!

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