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  • I’ve searched the forums and found several threads about this problem, but no one has been able to fix it easily.

    My RSS feed displays all of my imported posts as dating back to Dec 31, 1969. When will this be fixed? Does anyone have a simple repair?

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  • Got an example you could share? Like a link?


    Everything below the first post (which one of my plugins just deleted most of, grrrr) is dated 1969.

    If you disable the plugin giving problems with the first post, what happens to the subsequent dates?

    Nothing. They were like that before I tried the FeedWordPress plugin. I installed it in hopes that it would fix the problem.

    Ok. humor me a minute.

    Disable all plugins.
    Check your feed link.

    Disabled em all. Absolutely no change.

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    How are you importing these posts?

    If you go to edit the post in WordPress, what date does it show up as there? Look at the Post Timestamp on the right hand side of the post editing page.

    I migrated from Greymatter, and all of the dates on my site are correct, but the RSS feed lists all my imported posts as 1969.

    The day before the unix epoch. Before civilization.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I don’t know what Greymatter is. Is it listed as one of the supported importers?

    Every post has two datetimes associated with it. One is the datetime in local time when the post was made, the other is the datetime in GMT. The reason these are both stored is to prevent DST changes from modifying the dates when the posts were made and such.

    Normal viewing shows the normal timestamp.
    RSS feeds display the GMT timestamp.

    So if your importer only imported to post_date and not to post_date_gmt, then you’d see exactly what you are, in fact, seeing. A blank timestamp of zero would correspond to the zero point of the uniw epoch, or Jan 1st, 1970. The default of -1 for the error from having a null in post_date_gmt would give Dec 31, 1969.

    So, how exactly did you import these posts? What steps did you take to import them? The fix is the same either way, correct the timestamps in the post_date_gmt column. But knowing how you imported the posts might help to fix that particular problem, if the devs know where the problem lies.

    In the meantime, you can probably change the timestamps on each post to correct the timestamps in the database. Just edit the post and check the “Edit Timestamp” box, then save the post. You don’t have to change the timestamp itself, I think.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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