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  • I have two interrelated problems, and I don’t know anything about coding, so I apologize in advance for needing things to be spelled out extremely clearly.

    1. Only podcast posts, not blog posts, appear in my RSS feed

    My site is both a blog and a host for my podcast episodes. I should probably tell you that it’s a sex advice podcast in case you’re offended by that sort of thing. I use FeedBurner and Blubrry PowerPress to make my podcast feed, which you can see here.

    Note that it only contains podcast episodes. Therein lies the problem. Why do my blog posts not show up in my RSS feed? If I were only podcasting, this would be fine–my feed goes right to iTunes and people can subscribe on there.

    But I do a lot of blogging, too, and I want subscribers to be updated when I post new entries, not just new podcast episodes.

    Should I create a separate feed just for blog posts? If so, how do I do that?

    2. I changed my categories/permalink structure and now have 404 errors on my category pages

    I say these problems are interrelated because I, in what was probably a stupid move, read somewhere that I could create 2 separate feeds–one for podcast episodes, one for blog posts–using the category as an indexer. So I went into my permalinks, changed to a custom structure with category and post name, and deleted all my categories except 2: podcast episodes and blog posts. The “podcast episodes” category existed previously, while the “blog posts” was new.

    I’m more of a tag person, anyway. I figured I could use categories as more of an internal organization thing and tags/search as what the visitors will see.

    I also made sure to go through all my posts and categorize them as either blog posts or podcast episodes.

    Now, however, when I select categories, I get a 404 error. Everything categorized with “podcast episodes” is fine, but the “blog posts” category page is just a 404 error.

    I’m sure I did one or more completely moronic things here, and I appreciate your time and patience in helping me out.


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