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  • esmi


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    Both feeds are working and are valid.
    Validator report 1
    Validator report 2

    Hi esmi,

    Thanks for getting back 🙂

    Yes both the feeds are working but it hasn’t pulled in my last 5 articles? Really strange, do you have any ideas why?





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    I’m seeing your posts from Aug 8, Aug 3 etc – which are your most recent posts according to your front page.

    Since Aug 8th i have posted 4 more articles which can be found on my landing page here:

    Thanks again for helping with this!

    Are you using the ‘request’ filter to filter the results of your feed? If so, have you changed anything on your site recently (the name of a post type, taxonomy/term or category/tag for example)?

    Hi Duck_boy,

    What is a request filter and where would i find this? I recently started to change the way i posted for design purposes. I use the filtered theme and changed from using posts to ‘projects’. I have just looked at the post and realsied that the last one i did before migrating them over to projects was the last one to pull into my rss feed and thus this must be where my problems lies!

    How would i be able to make the rss feed pull the projects in? i would rather not go back to using posts?


    The ‘request’ filter is a small peice of code that you put in ‘functions.php’ that tells the RSS feed what posts to grab. The default is ‘post’, but if you are using a custom post type that that needs to be specified.

    The following should do the trick – it will keep the old ‘posts’ as well as display the new ‘projects’.

     * Adds custom post types to the the query when a feed is requested
    add_filter('request', 'feed_request');
    function feed_request($qv){
    	$post_types = array('projects', 'post');
    	if(isset($qv['feed']) && !isset($qv['post_type']))
    		$qv['post_type'] = $post_types;
    	return $qv;

    Hi Duck_boy,

    Havent tried your suggestion yet as i’ve been really busy….i will do tonight and get back to you asap!

    thanks again for your help 🙂

    @thecartoonist – No problem – hope it works out for you.

    @tony Locke – You’ll need to start a new topic on here as no one will look in here now really with this many replies, so it’s unlikely you’ll get an answer.

    Hi Duck_boy,

    sorry i’m not very clued up on php i have managed to open the file in dreamweaver and i assume i can edit it in there and then save it back on to the server, in the same place i down loaded it from?

    At which part of functions.php would i enter the code?

    Here is a link to my functions file:

    Thanks buddy!


    It can go anywhere in functions.php – just make sure it is notarised so that you know what it is for in the future.

    As for Dreamweaver – I’m afraid I’m not at all familiar with it, so not sure. I would recommend using an FTP client and a decent text editor in place of Dreamweaver. I use CoreFTP and TotalEdit – both free and easy to use – but there are loads of them out there.

    Hi Duck_boy,

    I added the text into the function.php and it didnt seem to work 🙁 my website stopped loading and it gave a blank screen? (i reverted back to the original file now)

    I added it to /public_html/wp-includes/functions.php and put it randomly half way down the text file (but correctly between two functions)

    see this screen shot

    When i added the code you gave me to dreamweaver it came up with two red markers which you can see on the left of the screenshot. Do you think this might mean the code has a mistake in it?

    Once again thanks for your time and help 🙂


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