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    For some reason the built in WordPress RSS Feed will not work if clicked through the meta widget, or RSS button i add, but if i type in the URL, i get the code page.

    Also, it will not allow people to subscribe to it as it just shows a “page not found” when trying to subscribe to the feed, i have tried burning it through Feedburner, which also fails


    I would like to set up an RSS feed of the latest posts

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    Your feed isn’t working because you don’t have any posts, and pages are not included by default in RSS feeds.

    There are 3 posts, as seen here (and in latest news sidebar widget on post pages and Contact page)

    Price and Speed New Address

    Moderator Mark Ratledge


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    What are you looking at? That page linked above 404’s, and there is no “latest news” widget on the contact page

    strange, it shows up on my computer, and the widget is there, i just tested it on my phone and it indeed 404’s. this could be the error, why would it be bugging out? in my backend it shows the widget attached and all posts there?

    This is so strange, my computer shows the posts perfectly fine, even after ctrl F5, but my laptop and phone do not show the posts, any idea why they arent showing? the timestamps are in the past, not future

    This could just be me, because it’s past midnight and I might not be thinking completely clear here. But, the URL to this “latest news” page is showing as:


    Nevertheless, ‘about-us’ is a page and not a category or post, right? So how are you associating a blog category as a child of a page then trying to get a feed off of it?

    Go to your “post” menu, then “categories” option. Find the category you are using for your blogs, put your mouse of the “view” link found below it. In status bar, use that address plus /feed at the end of it to get proper RSS Feed link. Any sub-categories will fall into that feed as well. (Note: You can right click the “view” link and select copy link location, and then paste that into feedburner, along with feed at the end.)

    For the navigation menu “latest-news”. Within your wp menus editor, change that latest news menu option to the category your using for latest news within the menu area of the dashboard. Then, it should properly show the blog listings.

    Hope this helps.

    This worked a charm, thankyou very much indesignmedia!

    Awesome buddy!

    I am glad things worked out for you.

    Bad news =(

    It allowed me to add it to feedburner, but the feed shows no posts, i even tried creating new posts under the category general, and they show up on my pc, but not on my laptop or phone; this is so strange

    new feed link:

    feedburner address:

    Even when i click the feed link now i can see its far too short (hence says no posts in feedburner)

    When creating these posts, are they “published” or “draft”? Draft will not show.

    The feed does show a Title “Shipping Containers – Container Sale and Hire by Price and Speed ยป General” but no excerpt/summary. When I remove the feed aspect, the category shows nothing. Could potentially be an error within the theme your using. The steps I gave earlier are very consistent and common to achieve with a normal WordPress install.

    If in deed this is a theme/layout, review the documentation provided with it, or contact the author for further discussion. I am accessible by Skype, my username is [ redacted, support is offered via the forum and not email or skype ]. I could take a few minutes and take a run through, if you would like?

    They are published, i have contacted the support for the theme to see if they can help; thankyou for your help so far, strangely enough posts were working fine previously and only recently have started not showing up, and i cant put my finger on what change could have caused this, i have checked all the theme and wordpress settings regarding blog or posts

    I don’t have skype unfortunately, but thanks for the offer

    Bummer that we couldn’t knockout the complete solution. Sometimes, things can be harder to diagnose without complete control of the resources. But, we did take a step forward though. And the author will have the best knowledge of that theme; therefore, you should be in good hands.

    Good luck AndreasStrauss

    Thanks for all your help, it allowed us to rule out wordpress errors, and im 90% sure its something to do with the theme or a plugin

    Fixed, it was a plugin issue, thanks for all your help

    No worries at all buddy! Glad things worked out for you.

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