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  • I;m using RSS Digest Plugin, but it does not seem to be posting content.

    When I manually debug it with “Post Now,” it posts, but as scheduled, not published.

    I tried reinstalling the plugin but no luck.

    Any fixes?

    If not, are there any other plugins that publish RSS links with descriptions, preferable as they come in?


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  • Hi,

    I am the author of RSS Digest. A few suggestions/questions for you:

    1. Make sure the “Status for Digest Posts” on the Settings page is set to “publish”
    2. Are you using the latest version of RSS Digest 1.03?
    3. Have you visited the Debug tab, and if so, do you have detailed logging turned on?
    4. Please copy the system/digest/feed information into your reply.
    5. Please view the log and copy the log data before/after the scheduled time here.

    Also note that RSS Digest uses the internal WP ‘cron’ timer, which is dependent on the traffic volume your site gets. If you have an infrequently visited site the schedule will be off. I don’t think that’s what’s happening here, but I thought I’d mention it.



    1. The status is set to publish.

    2. Yes, 1.03

    3. I’m not sure where to find logging. There are Debug Options at the bottom of the RSS Digest page, but that’s all I can find. Let me know where this tab is. Thanks!

    I believe that this was working properly until I hit ‘post now’ and then it did not.

    Great plugin by the way!

    RE #3, my bad, I had in mind the current beta version. If you are comfortable manually installing plugins, let me know how to reach you and I will send you download/install instructions.

    What do you mean “manually installing,” like uploading into plugins folder?

    Instructions for what?

    Sorry for being terse. To elaborate:

    I have a beta/pre-release version of the plugin that includes a number of bugfixes, an enhanced approach to scheduling, as well as a “Debug Tab.”

    If you are interested in trying it out, the easiest way to install is via Subversion if you know that. (RSS Digest trunk is here.) If not, I can send you a zip file of the latest that you would upload to the plugins folder.

    Can you post the beta plugin on wordpress for me to download?

    This plugin works fine, just asking for a bit more =]


    I won’t be able to post it up on until it’s got a bit more testing, but anyone interested in a manual install can contact me.

    Are there any settings I can change?

    I didn’t realize but does publish beta versions. You can download the beta here:

    Please let me know how it works out for you.


    Thanks! I will get back to you on that.

    Can you name the plugin something else ( like Beta Version!) That way I can test it out without having to uninstall the old one.


    I would like to try this out, but it needs to be renamed

    No problem. If the current version is working for you then definitely keep using it. You will be notified when the new version is published.

    Well, I would like those features to be involved in the new version (beta or not)

    If you can rename that beta version I can try it out.


    Here are the features/bugs that I would be excited to see in the new version:

    1. An option to default post more often than every day (perhaps every hour?)

    2. When it posts, have it publish and not just schedule (Yes, mine is set to publish, but it does not)

    3. When you hit “Post Now” have it get the time and date correct and automatically publish.


Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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