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    I’m close to being able to push out an update to RSS Digest, version 1.1, but I would like to hear from some beta testers before pushing it out to the world. If you use RSS Digest and are comfortable on the bleeding edge, I’d appreciate it if you tested the beta.

    The main features are in the reliability and debugging department. In particular, I’ve made enhancements to the scheduling algorithm and have included several new debugging tools.

    Sorry, if RSS Digest is working great for you, this release won’t offer much in terms of shiny new features. Rather, my goal for this version is to make it easier to help the occasional user who runs into trouble.

    Here are the instructions for installing the beta version of the plugin. (Of course it is always a good idea to make a database backup before upgrading WP or any plugins!)

    1. Deactivate the current plugin in WordPress Settings
    2. Delete the existing rss-digest directory under wp-content/plugins, or move it if you’ve made changes, e.g. to css
    3. Download the beta version of the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory:

    4. Reactivate the plugin in WordPress

    To check out the new debugging tools, go to the new Debug tab in the Settings > RSS Digest page. Check the “Turn on detailed logging” button. Enter your feed, schedule and option information on the main Settings tab. View the log after the scheduled time to see what happened.

    Thanks for helping and please use the comments below to keep me posted! I’d like to hear from you whether all goes well or you run into trouble.

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