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  • For starters: I’m running WordPress on, a hosted WordPress service (they haven’t updated to 3.5 yet, seems like they wait for the first x.x.X release for security and bugs and such). The only feed-related plugin I have installed is FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend, which I know is a bit out of date (if you know of a more recent plugin that can redirect category feeds, not just the main feed, to FeedBurner, I’m all ears).

    It seems my category feeds are not updating properly. I published a new post in my iOS category about two hours ago, but the feed still doesn’t have it. Here’s the live category on my site:

    here is its feed:

    and the FeedBurner version:

    As of 10:16am CT Monday, the Evernote post doesn’t appear in WordPress’s feed, let alone the FeedBurner version. Any idea what’s up? Could the FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend plugin be causing this, or could it be Thanks for any help!

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