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    Hi all,

    I’ve only recently discovered RSS and would like to set my blog up to use this correctly.

    Would somebody who knows about this stuff kindly:

    – take a quick peak at my site – is the RSS feed already there and working!?

    – point me to where in the WordPress documentation I might find an idiot’s guide to all things RSS-related?

    thanks very much,


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  • Yep, you have feeds. All WP blogs do, by default.

    Have a glance at WordPress_Feeds for more, including some additional links.

    As a side note: RSS is not a “WP invention” so regular old web searching will also find you a wealth of information. 🙂

    OK, thanks HandySolo – I know I’m probably being very dumb, but I’m still missing something.

    What actually should happen when somebody clicks on the “Syndicate this site using RSS” link?

    At the moment this link just goes nowhere – do I have to set-up a special page or forward this link somewhere else?

    If the person has a feed reader installed, it should launch.

    If you’re clicking that link and hoping for things to happen in Internet Explorer you’ll probably be disappointed… (especially if you leave the “feed:” protocol on it).

    Click, you should see the feed (XML). Feed readers or modern browsers know how to treat that. For more, just use your search engine of choice and try searches for “feed reader” or “rss reader” or things along that line. Any company producing a reader will be able to give a more coherent definition of how RSS is used than I can. 😉

    Thank you very much. I was being completely thick and expecting IE6 to know what to do with it or for my Feedreader to launch (which for some reason it isn’t) or just for something to happen – and had thought that was an issue with my WordPress set-up.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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