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  • My thumbnail images aren’t showing up on Bloglovin news feed because there is something wrong with my RSS. When I visited it shows I have 9 errors and these seem to be the main problems:

    Line 447, Column 53: Bad value generator for attribute rel on element a: Not an absolute IRI. The string generator is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

    Line 422, Column 5206: The align attribute on the img element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.
    …ht=”181″ align=”left” title=”blog post 5″ alt=”” /></div></div></div></div>
    …” rel=”generator”>Proudly powered by WordPress Theme:…

    Line 424, Column 468: The frameborder attribute on the iframe element is obsolete. Use CSS instead.
    …0px; height: 432px; background: #fff”></iframe></aside> </div><!– #secondar…

    I have no clue how to fix this..

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