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  • So, as RSS becomes more and more prevalent, people are beginning to explore the possibilities. And this is where the problems start. I did a site recently for some clients. I added the RSS links and they work great.

    However, they do not work for the end user (client) as expected. They are expecting the RSS link to “go somewhere”. It looks like a normal link and I agreed with the client. Yeah, it does not do what you think it will if you are unfamiliar with it. In IE they are sent to a page does not exist error. In Fire Fox, they are given the 3rd party application warning the first time. Then, of course, it works great.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to help the client understand what RSS is and how they can use it? Has anyone tried show/hide layers with a OnMouseOver holding a quick explanation? Or maybe a PHP if/else that shows a page in ie based on the get var “feed�?

    Any ideas?

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