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    I have created a site where I blog, but I also use BDP RSS aggregator plugin to list other RSS feeds from other bolg sites. The RSS feeds are listed nicely on my page. I would like to be able to subscribe and have others subscribe to the aggregated RSS fedds created on my site. Does this make sense and is it possible woth WordPress? Thanks. For reference the site is

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    So you are taking feeds, and you want others to take those taken feeds from you ?
    That may be possible, but it would be very bad form.

    I sincerly hope you have asked permission from the owners of those websites you are syndicating. After all, it is THEIR content you are using.

    If someone did that with my content without permission, shit would hit the fan.

    Project feature dropped. Thanks for the input.

    FYI, CG-FeedRead has an undocumented feature which can create/serve a ‘ReFeed’ of a feed (or MultiFeed) that you are aggregating. I’ve never put it to use, but came up with it for much the same reason as you describe.

    The reality is that every ‘re-blogging’ site out there is doing much the same thing — but one stage worse, as the data is permanently stored, searchable, etc., on those sites. ‘ReFeeding’ is very temporal, not meant to be a search-engine driver, and should help deliver traffic to the originating sites.

    Frankly, if you provide an RSS feed, and someone uses on online feed-reading/aggregation service, you end up with much the same result.

    My general point to folks is don’t provide more than excerpt-feeds if you want to actually end up with traffic to your site, rather than just aggregator/reader eyeballs… 😉


    Isn’t the original request similar to what Technorati does – with it’s tag feeds, for instance. Any Technorati viewer is offered an RSS feed for their tag “WordPress” results, for instance.

    from above – “have others subscribe to the aggregated”

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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