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    Lets see if I can explain what I need or my inconvenience,

    First I don’t know if this is a bug of my blog or is the way that this thing works.

    So lets go.

    When I write a post on my blog, that post is sent to the RSS feed, so the people which read my blog via RSS can see the post automatically, but when that POST is edited I can not see the actualization on the RSS feed.

    So my question is simple, how can I send the actualization of my POST also to the RSS feed?.

    I hope you understood.

    Best regards

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  • Refresh where-ever you are reading it in the RSS.

    It should reflect the changes made in your post instantly.

    In other words, if a feed reader has already “pulled” the RSS, then it might display whatever was there at the time it loaded. For example if you pull your RSS into Facebook feeds, it takes a snapshot at the moment when it gets the feed first.

    Your actual, live feed, however, is pretty much instantly matched up with your actual post content.
    should always be updated right after you edit/save a post

    Thank you for the answer.

    I realize to things after I wrote this here.

    First I have some feeds problems cause my a plugin called simple tags, which I searching for help here

    and second that as you said now it send the actualization as soon a is published, maybe in the past the above problem give me some more headache that I’m aware off.

    Thank you for the support.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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