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    Hi again,

    One of our sites at WP Engine has an RSS feed displayed (on all pages), that is coming from another site (not on WP Engine). If we set cache timeout to 3 weeks would this feed also not be updated at our site for 3 weeks? (often that would be fine but there are times when this feed is updated much more frequent).
    …if so, is there any way to purge based on external feed updates?


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  • Plugin Author Ethan Kennedy


    That would depend on how the feed is loaded into the page. If it’s an actual element in the html as it’s generated by the server, then yes it would end up being cached for 3 weeks.

    If it’s something pulled in through Javascript, or AJAX’d in, then it wouldn’t be cached with the rest of the page.

    If it’s important for that content to be completely up to date, I’d recommend using Javascript so the feed is pulled browser side, and the html of the page can still be cached for as long as possible.

    Plugin Author Ethan Kennedy


    Sorry, there wouldn’t be a way to cache specific parts of the page based on the Varnish set up at WP Engine. Calling the content through Javascript would kind of do that though, since it’d be independent of the cache.

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