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  • I have upgraded my WordPress weblog to meet 1.2-epsilon-RC1 two days ago. But I noticed that after the change my RSS 2.0 feed, located at ceased validating, according to Feed Validator at:
    The validator service points out two problems: First, my pubDate should be an RFC-822 compliant date. I run my blog in Brazilian Portuguese, and I suspect this could be related to abbreviated dates: Here in Brazil, Apr becomes Abr, May becomes Mai, and so on.
    Second, I have a category named “Fala Sério”, and this used to be fine until WP-1.0.2. I use ISO-8859-1 encoding, and I’m receiving an undefined entity I’m not being able to figure out, as I’m no XML specialist.
    Problem is I don’t know what configurations should be changed. I know some PHP, so, if someone could point me the directions/give me suggestions, I would be very grateful for your feedback. Thank you very much.

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  • Just for validation, my new 1.2rc1 validates just fine, so I suspect you are on to something with the dates not being RFC-822 compliant, (Try using numbers instead?) and the fact that the encoding might be different, look at the default index.php that comes with 1.2rc1 and see what it now is being defined as and change yours to match and see if it revalidates?

    I managed to find what the problem was. As it’s 1.2RC1, I had translated months and workdays to Portuguese, using locale.php. That was bringing problems about. Now that I’ve changed everything back to English again, my RSS feed validated. But now my main blog page shows dates in English. What shall I do? Please, help me.

    I want to refresh this topic. English dates on my blog looks bad…

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