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    I’ve had my 1.5.2 installation up and running for two days now. Tonight the RSS 2.0 feed stopped working.

    “Reference to undefined entity ‘raquo’. Error processing resource ‘’. Line 10, Position 15”

    Apparently it is getting upset by html special characters. They have been there all along and it has not been a problem earlier. I have played around and it gets angry by other special characters as well.

    I haven’t done anything to the character encoding (im sticking to UTF-8 and hopes that my swedish writing will survive it 🙂 ).

    It also seems that the rss-feed is cached somewhere. If i try removing some of the special chars i still get the same message – with the original document/database entry obviously changed.


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  • mindbash


    Well, i solved this one myself. Google should be the first try even at 4 in the morning 🙂

    To anyone else experiencing this:

    Apparently RSS only like a very limited number of special characters. Using feedvalidator it gave me the reason for it failing and suggestions on how to fix it. Now i replaced all the special chars (like å   etc) with their numerical equivalences – and it works as a charm.

    However – i still can’t work out why it has been working for two days 🙂



    I would call this a bug.

    The elements causing this in your feed relate to data displayed by the bloginfo_rss() tag. WordPress is supposed to filter this through the ent2ncr() function, which translates a HTML entity (») to its numeric equivalent (»). That’s to avoid just the conflict you’ve come across. However bloginfo_rss() is lacking a filter hook, which means nothing is converted.

    I’ll report the bug, but you can fix this in your WordPress source by editing feed-functions.php (under wp-includes/), locating the bloginfo_rss() function at the top of the file:

    function bloginfo_rss($show = '') {
    echo get_bloginfo_rss($show);

    and changing it to:

    function bloginfo_rss($show = '') {
    $info = get_bloginfo_rss($show);
    $info = apply_filters('bloginfo_rss', $info, $show);
    echo $info;

    It also seems that the rss-feed is cached somewhere.

    That would be a feature of your browser. Perform a hard refresh on feed *pages* to reload.



    One would expect such filtering help. But i was accepting that my non-standard coding wasn’t working 🙂

    Thank you for the help. I applied the fix and hope that future code adjustments will rock with RSS.



    I did this little fix and it seemed to solve my problem but then it reverted back to a situation where I had no rss feed

    I applied this fix too, but it cannot solve my problem for rss ver. 0.92 though rss2 is working fine. It’s breaking at the HTML special character “&”.

    Ok, I solved the problem by applying this fix:

    Change function : get_bloginfo_rss in wp-includes/feed-functions.php

    function get_bloginfo_rss($show = ”) {
    $info = strip_tags(get_bloginfo($show));
    return convert_chars($info);

    to :

    function get_bloginfo_rss($show = ”) {
    $info = ent2ncr(strip_tags(get_bloginfo($show)));
    return convert_chars($info);

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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