• I just set up my blog and would like to put an rss feed into the blog so that it will be updated from time to time with fresh content. What is the procedure for this. Is there a place in the admin panel to put the rss feed code or do I need special software? Thanks in advance.

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  • If I understand you correctly, you want the list of articles from some other site to appear on a page in your blog. The other site has an RSS feed that “syndicates” its content.

    There are probably many ways to do this. The one I’m using is as follows:

    1. Install the feedlist plugin, see
    http://rawlinson.us/blog/?p=212 and download from

    [Put the files on your server in the wp-content/plugins directory and then from the Plugins screen “activate” feedlist.]

    2. See the plugin’s readme.txt
    for lots of examples on how to use it. You’ve got two choices –
    a) Use the feedlist() function (action) in one of your templates. Go to Presentation > Theme Editor, and then add a call to feedlist() in the PHP code in one or more of those files. The URL of the RSS feed is one of the parameters to feedlist().

    b) Use “filter” syntax in a post or a page — just drop a comment into the HTML. See the examples for how to pass the URL to the filter.

    Hope that helps. Again, I’m sure there are other suggestions, but I’ll take this opportunity to thank the Feedlist author for the solution I’m using.

    Thanks! I will do that.

    Thanks converting2wp, this is exactly what I wanted to do as well. You’ve explained it nicely. 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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