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    Can someone briefly explain what RSS is all about? Also – where I can get the code to have it put on my photoblog? Cheers for any help!


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  • The RSS should be automatically be generated automatically by WP. For more information and examples have a look at the codex WordPress Feeds page.

    Hello Ian – Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. I know that WordPress generates the RSS feed by itself – I guess my question is how do I get that little orange icon that you see on the other websites to show up on mine?

    I just poured over the codex information pertaining to RSS feeds and the one thing that I want to read about has a broken link. The “permalink” links are broken. Any other tips?

    Do you mean an image on your page (if so, maybe try this or do you mean the one that appears in the address bar of browers such as Firefox and Safari?

    Ah – yes – I’d like to stick an image precisely like the one you linked to. Anyway you could direct me with how to use the code? I’m frigging hopeless. I just gave it a shot and the image didn’t show up.

    I’ve got the image saved on my hard drive..now how do I use it? I’d like it to go right below the VFXY icon I’ve got. Could you maybe check out my site if you get a chance?

    I was actually able to figure it out Thanks for the patience

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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