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  • nicove


    After the update, the Preview link in the Editor has changed. It used to be enough to click on “Preview” to see the site, now you need to click “Preview”, then move your hand down, and then click “Open in new Tab”. That is 300% increase in the load and strain of muscles of the hand and forearm, and also 300% increase in the time you need to do the work. I checked the options, to see if I can set Default Action – there was nothing there. If I missed it, please forgive me, and tell me where it is. My hand is hurting so much already, that seeing this made me feel like I’m going crazy. To top it off, internal preview “on mobile” or tablet shows the site as broken, when it’s not. However that is irrelevant – the major issue is the 300% increase in workload and time spent, all that in year 2020. It is so unbelievable, that I created an account just to post this. Thankfully I tested it on localhost first, and the remote server remains untouched, running previous version. But I know I will HAVE to update in the near future. WordPress! I’m begging you, please install an option to set Default Action for Preview button. If it’s there already and I missed it, forgive my rant.
    One click = one preview
    100 clicks = 100 previews, not 300 clicks = 100 previews!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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