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    We have used WooCommerce for years, and have it linked to our business Royal Mail Click+Drop Online Business Account. So when someone buys via our website, the order is pulled through into Click+Drop, all information shows etc.

    What we are finding is certain overseas countries’ information is being provided by the customer but shown in Click+Drop differently.


    Custom has provided address of:
    Name: John Smith
    Address Line 1: 123 Street Name
    City: Examplecity
    Postcode/Zip: 12345
    Country/Region: Spain
    State/County: Examplestate

    When shown in Click + Drop, this shows as:

    John Smith
    123 Street Name

    It’s as if the State/County isn’t passed properly and usually in the form of a single letter, but other counties on other orders work just fine. It seems to be certain states/county’s only (that I’ve noticed), and this also happens every single time with the state/county as “Attica” when Greece is the country – this comes through in Click + Drop as just the letter “I” so usually means non-delivery if we don’t spot and amend it.

    Anyone had this before and can shed any light on it? Is this something WooCommerce related? I’m thinking more Click + Drop but they aren’t having any of it and saying it’s not.


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    Hi @r0meobrav0!

    It looks like the issue is related to the Royal Mail plugin.

    In this case, please contact us at > My Account > Support, and select the Help with my extensions option.

    Then, where it says I need help with, select the Royal Mail plugin.

    After that, fill in all the form information, and where it says systems status, please paste the system status you find via WooCommerce > Status. Select ‘Get system report’ and then ‘Copy for support’.
    We will be able to help you further there. 🙂


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    We don’t use a Royal Mail plugin? Click + Drop pulls the information directly from the WooCommerce orders. Same as it does with eBay, Etsy, etc..

    Essentially you authorise Click + Drop to use your WooCommerce / eBay / Etsy / other Marketplace to drag orders into a list, and apply the postage to them via Click + Drop. (apologies if you knew this).

    Hence why I presumed it was a WooCommerce ‘data field’ issue somewhere.

    The Royal Mail plugin/extension looks like some sort of paid thing.

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    @r0meobrav0 I have this issue with mainly Irish addresses, where the county shows in Click and Drop as the two letter ISO codes. I reached out to Royal Mail about this and ofc they pushed me back to WooCommerce claiming this was what the API was sending through, which is right. I think the issue is that Click & Drop haven’t mapped these ISO codes to their names and therefore they just show what the API sends them.

    Royal Mail have a feature request forum you can always raise this there –

    In the meantime, I’ve just ignored any county information and have to manually remove these, luckily (and unluckily) with Brexit, the number of International parcels reduced for me quite a bit.

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    Thanks – the only issue I have omitting the whole State/County is that it means a whole address field is absent and increases my risk of non-delivery.

    I’ve also submitted the questions to Click + Drop support email, so I’ll see what they say.

    The information within the order (WooCommerce) is correct. It’s most likely C+D dragging something in incorrectly, but I’m just guessing. It’s frustrating.

    @r0meobrav0 Let me know what they say, they will likely just brush it under the carpet like they did to me.

    I have just raised the feature request here – feel free to vote on it as the more votes we get on an issue the more likely they are to implement it.

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    Thanks. I have added my thoughts to it.

    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @r0meobrav0,

    Thanks for getting back on this thread.

    Since it doesn’t seem to be specifically related to WooCommerce core itself I’m going to close this thread now.

    I’d suggest that you follow up directly with the Click & Drop support team, as @kyarauk pointed out this seems to be something to be fixed on their side.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to open a new topic.


    Just to update this thread in case someone does come across it – Royal Mail have accepted this bug and will look into it further.

    Plugin Support Igor H woo-hc


    Hi there,

    Sounds good, once resolved, if you would like to share the solution in the forum (in order for anyone to learn from it) please keep us informed.

    Thank you!

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    oh, this has reopened now with your reply.. but the newer thread I created today has the replies by Royal Mail and further information..

    I’ll post them here:

    Royal Mail have told me that their report shows:

    “We have carried out an investigation and and it does look like we are just being passed a single character in the state field.

    So for example, in your order you supplied information/screenshots of, the state/county in your WooCommerce store is ‘Attica’ – but we are being passed the letter ‘I’.

    We have checked our databases for other international WooCommerce orders, and some of them have a single digit identifier, and some have the actual name of the state.

    It’s worth passing this information on to WooCommerce, to see if they can identify what is being saved in the ‘State’ field in the database in the back end of WooCommerce, and when they get back to you we can take it from there.”

    What this means is every single order passed from WooCommerce is erroneous and means the end result is cost for us as we have an undeliverable item and have paid postage for it.

    Can this be looked into please? We feel it’s fairly serious and needs rectifying or something looking at?

    I notice the latest WooCommerce update it had a lot of “state” identifier fixes for other countries – but not Greece/Spain in my issues above – is that the same sort of thing that may need looking at?

    Feedback welcomed as always..


    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @r0meobrav0,

    Thanks for the additional information about what’s being passed from WooCommerce to Royal Mail.

    I’m not sure why this is happening but I suggest that you open a Github thread and report it directly to developers, that are in the best position to assist with core issues. You can open up a new report here:

    Copy all information and the Royal Mail response so that developers have all the details and will be able to respond to your inquiry.


    Thread Starter r0meobrav0


    I don’t use Github (in addition to being relatively unfamiliar with it and the very programmer-oriented theme), so not entirely sure what I am doing with it.

    But if that is the only option then I will have to sign up to post this request.

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