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  • Plugin Author Greg Priday


    I’m busy adding this functionality to my own free theme at the moment. I’ll use it as an example and write up some documentation soon.

    Hi I am using Page Builder plugin’s homepage function. In that , I can change the color of a row from visual style, but there are only two option : none and gray. Can i add another colour? Please help me, im using Siteorigin’s Vantage theme.

    Where is the HomePage function in PB?

    Hi I have the same question. How to enable Row Style in my theme? I saw a manual on your web about this but its not so clear what to do. Could you provide more details on that?
    Thanks for the great Plugin

    Same question. I saw this page


    but it is not clear what to do…are they suggesting this be an option?


    Quote from Sandip21, “Hi I am using Page Builder plugin’s homepage function.”

    What is a homepage function?

    Page Builder at WP Skyway is about a suggestion of making styles for column or blocks.

    To quote myself, “Stylizing a page using Page Builder

    If Page Builder used Custom Field Types to style a page – examples below.”


    But it is unclear on what to do/what you are suggesting we do.

    What do you mean “if page builder”

    that implies wishful thinking?


    I am suggesting that what is being shown on WP Skyway becomes an option to make easy the use of modifying CSS, for non-coders, as pre-defined wrappers style elements for these columns.

    Where do we add those custom field types?

    Plugin Author Greg Priday


    I’ve written up some documentation on adding row styles. It’s mainly targeted at theme developers or people are willing to fiddle around with their themes.

    I’m going to start taking the same approach as WordPress itself and build experimental new features as stand alone plugins. Something that’s high on my list is a plugin that allows users to build row styles in a far more visual interface.

    As soon as these plugins reach maturity, they’d be integrated into Page Builder core.

    If anyone is interested in contributing to Page Builder. This would be a great place to start. Just drop me an email.

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for your input on this and for the link. I feel fine fiddling around the code to make this happen for now–I just need to learn some steps.

    For instance in the link you referenced, you mention:

    “To specify your own row styles, you need to filter the array passed through siteorigin_panels_row_styles like follows.”

    And you list code. Can we input this function into our child theme’s functions.php just as if we are adding an extra widget?

    And if that is the case, then I can use your CSS for Vantage example to add as many row styles as I want.

    I appreciate the help,


    Or the other guess would be to go into the plugin editor for Page Builder and edit the right file/add the code. So the question there would be, which file?

    Also, is there a “child theme” solution for editing plugins? Like “child plugin” functions?


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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