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    Hey Guys,

    After last update, my row layout blocks are broken and throwing this error in the console. It looks like there is a class missing.

    blocks.min.js?ver=6.0.5:2 Block validation: Block validation failed for kadence/column ({name: “kadence/column”, title: “Column”, icon: {…}, category: “kadence-blocks”, parent: Array(1), …}).


    <div class=”wp-block-kadence-column inner-column-1 kadence-column”><div class=”kt-inside-inner-col”></div></div>


    <div class=”wp-block-kadence-column inner-column-1″><div class=”kt-inside-inner-col”>

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  • Can you tell me what version of wordPress/Gutenberg you are using? Have you tried deactivating plugins?


    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the reply.

    WordPress 5.0.3

    This issue happens on a site has been up for a few months though so the rows were likely originally created prior versions. They were working correctly before the last update.

    Yes I deactivated all plugins, except Kadence Blocks. Deleting the row layout and re-inserting a new one resolves the issue, but that is not really practical for a production site to have to rebuild it after an update.


    We didn’t add that class that is “missing” nothing has changed with the column save in quite a few updates. I have just tried on three different sites with different setups to recreate and I haven’t been able to yet.

    Does installing the Gutenberg plugin itself help you.


    Also can you tell me which theme you are on? And which server? Also have you cleared your browser cache?


    Very strange. Installing and activating the Gutenberg plugin does resolve the issue… Although, I am not sure why as it is part of core.

    The Gutenberg plugin is further along in development, closer to what 5.1.0 will include when it’s released (tomorrow I think).

    I can’t create with standard WordPress 5.0.3 though. Can you tell me about your server? theme?


    I think I got it sorted out. I had some blocks from Ghost Kit on the same page. I read their support forum and it seems that their plugin is having some issues with RichText Gutenberg component, which is causing some issues. Once I deactivated the plugin and removed those blocks the errors disappeared.

    Thanks for looking into this for me, I appreciate it.

    You bet!


    PS. I’m always working on new things, what block in Ghost Kit did you like 🙂

    From Ghost Kit, the number box is useful. I really like the grid block from Atomic blocks, although it doesn’t do custom post types which would be really useful. I haven’t found one that really does it well. So if that is in the works that would be amazing. If there was a block that could be customized like WP Bakery Grid Builder that would really cool.

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    We do have a blog post block for our pro version, with plans to add a custom post type one as well.


    For the custom post type what field would you want to be able to add?

    I use ACF to create custom fields for real estate listings quite a lot. The ability to add custom metas would be really good. ex. Beds, Baths, Price and the ability to sort based on custom fields like listing statuses (Active, Sold, Pending)

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