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  • In the FAQ page of this plugin it is stated the types of quizzes that can be created…

    Survey-Type: Route users to a custom URL based on their score range.

    I am interested in re-routing to a URL based on an answer

    I don’t see any further information on this feature on the FREE or Paid Plugin, nor did I see an example on the live demo pages.

    Can you please expand on this feature and which version of the plugin it’s in the FREE or PAID


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  • Plugin Contributor Richard Royal


    Explain a little more about what you are trying to.

    Do you have a long survey and if they answer 1 particular value for one particular question you want to send them to a special page?

    I’d be really excited if it had logic decisions to create a URL from a combination of multiple question, however I am pretty sure it does not, but it would be an idea for a PAID Plugin, that I would be interested in. 🙂

    WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR – just to be clear.
    1) The ability to create a survey with multiple choice (usually square boxes) responses as well as a single choice from X number of choices, usually a radio button.

    2) On the survey, the most important thing I am looking for is to have One question, with 3 radio-buttons (only 1 choice to be made). Based on that single one question and the radio button selected it would send them to one of 3 URL’s

    Thank you for your prompt response, it’s appreciated.

    Plugin Contributor Richard Royal


    I think we’re on the same page, the plugin does not currently handle complex logic trees but can do simple cases in terms of routing. You may need something more custom or would need to try to accomplish that in a different way.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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