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round corners still not working in IE

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    Was there a question in there? Or just an observation?



    The theme uses CSS rounded corners which aren’t supported by IE…



    i was going to start a new topic to ask about this issue
    and it’s not working in opera 10 too
    it’s working only in firefox and chrome

    Note : When i click valid XHTML from the meta menu i got 1 warning and 6 errors !



    If you want rounded corner draw it using MS Paint . Save as .bmp file and load in your page. that should work in MSIE



    Hi Andrew,

    I sent you an email a while ago with the links to spiffy and nifty rounded CSS corners. So you know very well that IE 7 and 8 support and display rounded CSS corners .. 😉 The way you did it here in the CSS with that -moz-border-radius stuff is just very – well – limited.

    Anyway, I have somebody working on this right now and will share once it’s working in IE also. I have adapted the phps and the main css to my needs quite a bit, though, so you guys will have to figure out how to implement the changes into the current versions.




    LeeBinder, I don’t spose you could give us a link to those spiffy rounded CSS corners that you mentioned? I’m kind of curious to have a look myself 🙂



    http://www.html.it/articoli/nifty/index.html 🙂

    For IE it is most likely necessary to not just adapt the css but also the phps.



    OK, project completed. I will upload old and new version php & css tomorrow or latest Tuesday so somebody can make a diff. For the impatient here’s a sneak preview of the working site (still a few and slight graphical glitches, but these will be sorted out): http://caryandwendyvalentine.com

    I can confirm rounded corners working in IE8 Vista SP2. Anybody can confirm in IE 6 and 7?

    (please give me a day or two for publishing the source code because I am extremely busy right now.)



    I took at look at my site using IE and it looked just fine. From all the complaining here, I thought maybe the site would be broken or something. The corners are pointed rather than rounded, but at least the site works.

    Just wondering if the code from http://www.spiffycorners.com/index.php can be used for blockquotes in a wordpress theme? I’ve been trying to duplicate the warcraft forums “blue posts” for my blog and gave up trying to use 2 images within the blockquote code.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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