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  • Hi, I found a little bit weird to have to select the rotator within each testimonial, one by one.

    Is it no way to select a category to load directly within the shortcode? or better yet, to assign a particular category for a rotator so when a testimonial of that category is added, the rotator refresh with the new one included.
    I think this is a more intuitive & wordpress-like workflow.

    Is it possible?


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  • Plugin Author Hal Gatewood


    What is currently there is very similar to how a Post Category works. You would first create your Category (in this case a Testimonial Rotator) then you would create posts (Testimonials) and associate them to the category.

    With the testimonial rotator you use the shortcode [testimonial_rotator id=234] where 234 is the ID of the Testimonial Rotator and not the ID of the testimonials themselves.

    When you create new testimonials, you would check which rotator (or category if you look at it that way) you want the testimonial to be a part of and it’s automatically added to the rotator.

    I believe this is the best workflow if you create the rotators first.

    Yes! I know the plugin works that way, but then you can’t take advantage of the nested categories feature.
    I mean, i.e. I want to have a rotator showing a particular category of testimonials in its own context page, and another rotator showing all the categories (and testimonials) in the front page.
    Now this is not possible, unless you duplicate each testimonial for each rotator, which could be very messy..

    What do you think?
    I believe this could be a cool improvement to the plugin 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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