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  • When rotating an image with the WordPress image editor it creates new images and renames all of the images for the thumbnail, medium and large image sizes that are default for WordPress.

    My problem is that I have registered new image sizes using add_image_size();

    Is there anyway to make WordPress rename/create new images for these custom image sizes when cropping/rotating?

    If there is a way to just have it replace the original image names that would be great. So we don’t end up with strange image names like My_Image-e13232345234234-200×600.jpg.

    But I am not going to ask for the world here, I just want to be able to crop/rotate images and have that work for images added with add_image_size()

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  • Found this problem too.
    There’s already a ticket open in the Trac here with its solution.
    Just patch the core file if you are in a hurry and can’t wait for the next WP release.

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