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  • Hey!

    Im using Matt Mullenweg’s random header script Random image script. It’s working fine in firefox but in IE7 the header doesn’t show at all and there’s only a blank space where the header image should be. Checked it out in IE8 and it works there…

    Check out my blog to see for yourself. I have added the link to the rotatorscript in my style.css like this:
    #header h1 a {display:block;background:url(images/rotator/rotate.php) no-repeat left;height:180px;}

    Is there any compatibility problems I’m not aware of? Out travelling right now so would really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance

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  • Does anybody know why it works in IE8 and not in IE7? As I said, Im travelling now and relying on crappy dial up connections. Editing and testing stuff out takes the better part of forever, so if anyone have an inkling to why this happens I would be very grateful!

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