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  • I always develop my websites with root relative URLs in order to make it easier to move to the client’s site.

    By the way, over 93% of the top 100 websites (according to Alexa) use root relative urls, including,,,,,,,,, etc ~ not a lot of people know that. Even less care!

    Anyway, where the base address is not specified, the reader will use the URL it used to access the document to resolve any relative URLs, so I need a fully qualified URL for my Linkbox Inserter, but I get this of course…

    <a href="/hello-world/">Hello world!</a>

    How can I configure the Linkbox Inserter module to give me the full URL?


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  • Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Hi Terence:

    Perhaps I am missing something here, correct me if I am wrong, but the output for the linkbox inserter uses an echo command that does output the complete URL for the post?

    Hi Jeffrey,

    It may well use an echo command but the content of the linkbox ends up as the URL minus the domain ~ which is why its “root relative”. In other words its a URL which will work fine on the original site, but not on any site the link may be transferred to.

    Which kinda defeats the purpose of supplying a handy dandy linbox for users to cut and paste from.


    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Hi Terence

    I think you may have found a bug, on test sites I have, I do get the complete (root relative) URL to link back the target site.

    This module was developed years ago, so, there may have been something in the core that has changed on how we pull the primary domain / URL from the database.

    Sure its a simple fix, but not sure why on your install you don’t see full URL output.

    We will need to recreate in order to deduce. Feel free to email me at so we can crush this bug.

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Just reading back over what I wrote I realize I left out one VERY important piece of information ~ I use the Root Relative plugin from Marcus Pope.

    This is obviously what is causing the url to be concatenated, but I am trying to find a way round this so I can use both plugins.

    I can create a Root Relative Blacklist of URLs I do not want processed to root relative by the Root Relative URL Plugin, but I don’t know how make this apply only to the linkbox inserter.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Jeffrey L. Smith


    Honestly, we have not made tweaks to that module for a while and when ever two plugins are using the same hooks, things like this happen.

    After looking at his plugin “Version 2.2 allows for adding certain URL’s or partial URL’s to a blacklist, meaning I won’t use root relative urls, but dynamic absolute URLs instead for displaying content. This will fix problems with 3rd party plugins, and can be configured on the General Settings page.”

    Maybe you can contact them about this? to take a look at our module and suggest patch?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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