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  • Hi:) i was playing with this layout on this site
    my question is with the comment form, why is it showing after each post? it doesnt appear that way on your layout at your site, so i am really confused;) I am using WP 1.3-pre-alpha if that is any help.
    thanks fae:)

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  • Well tx for giving it a spin. On Firefox the layout is beginning to come apart. The rmenu is not styled in my css because we do not know what folks are going to put in there. The link list needs styling a bit and that should bring it back into line – I hope.
    As to the comments – this seems to be a 1.3 thing AFAIK. And I do not really understand it. I can not figure out how an index file in my place can run fine, and the same file can go funky somewhere else. A misplaced mysql or a kink in the comments php would be my guess but I am a bit stumped – I do not use 1.3 myself.
    Sadly what it is doing in turn is OMG screwing the footer out of position. But I hope you think it worh perservering with. Your feedback has been valuable. Thanks and post again if anything comes up please.

    Last thought: I do not know and have never asked allusion whether the 1.3 index file is the same as the 1.2. Can anyone help?

    Beel! thank you:) that fixed it:)
    Root… i noticed the rmenu wasnt styled it is a minor issue:) i like the look and feel of it:) ill let you know how it goes, i hope to soon get it all “my way” lol
    also i personally dont like footers, so i always change where that info goes…just my preference
    thanks both of you for your quick replies!
    pst… waht does AFAIK mean???

    Well thanks Beel. Now we can be friends again I hope. 🙂

    ah thanks beel that makes sense:)

    All looks cool now. The first installation AFAIK of Trident was an intranet so we only got a glimpse. I will follow how you get on. Good luck. TX for the feedback.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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