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  • How can I make the the main menu tabs work the same as the widget tabs in the menu on the right? I want to be able to click on the Archive or Forum tab in my main menu lead to the same spot as they do in the menu on the right?

    Also, how do I get my header image to not be cropped? No matter what size it is it makes me crop it, even if it’s only 233 by 233.

    Finally, is there a way to be able to click on the header image and return to the homepage?

    Here is a link to my site,

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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  • I figured out the second question, just need help with the first and third now. Thanks!


    Ok, so I clicked over to your site and If I understand your request, you want the link to your archive in the Top Menu to go to the individual archives (2013 etc.) just like what is available in the sidebar widget. The sidebar link goes right into the 2013 folder while the “Archives” Link at the top currently goes to a different page or post called Archives.

    While there may be a few ways to accomplish this here is a quick and easy way.

    go to your site view and pull up the site. Click on the link in the side bar that you want to go to. Once it has loaded copy the last part of the url to your clipboard. (

    go to your site Dashboard, select “Appearance/Menu”. Here I am thinking that you created a page called “Archives” and added it to your saved menu. what we will want to do is delete this link from your saved Menu and create a Custom one. Once you have removed the old link, on the left is a box where you can set up the New, custom link. In the “URL” field, paste the information we copied (?m=201306). In the label field Type in “Archives or Archives 2013” which ever you prefer, then click the “Add to Menu” button. Now go back out to site view and click the link. It should take you to the same place as the link in the sidebar. If in the future, or in this case when 2014 rolls around, you will want to make your “Archive” link a drop down menu to accommodate for multiple years.

    I hope this helped. If you have any questions or need additional help please feel free to email me!

    Best of Luck!

    @rik Smith – please keep help on these forum and do not ask people to email you.

    Thanks, that worked! Will it stil work if I delete the widgets from the right menu? I deleted them and they seem to be fine for now but will they continue to work or will this cause a problem later on? I would prefer just to have them on the main menu and not the side menu as well.

    Also, is there anyway to be able to click on my header image and have it return to the home page? Thanks again!

    And sorry, I would e-mail you but don’t see where you have it listed.

    No worries. I guess we are not to use emails anyway. My apologize to our Moderator.

    The answer to question 1 is No. Removing the Widget from the side bar should have no effect on the Main menu item we created.

    To answer the other, I have a question.
    What theme are you using for your site?
    How did you add the Header to your site?
    Was it through the “Appearance/Header” option or was it through the theme’s Options?



    I am using Custom Community. I uploaded the image through the Theme Setting – Header – Header Image section.

    So, I looked at the theme and it seems that the author didn’t provide a place in their Theme to add that. I am looking up a few options and will respond with what I find out.

    Talk to you soon!


    Your going to love this!

    Ok, so after playing around with the Custom Community theme I have figured out a simple work around.

    Create a blank .png file that matches the size of the “Header Image” you placed in “Theme Options/Header/Header Image” and upload it to your Media Library.

    Now, go to “Theme Options/Header” area and select “Logo”, then “Browse”. Select the blank .png file we created from your Media Library. On the right should be a Gray box. Go to the “ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS”, to the pull down menu that says “Link To” and select “Custom URL”. Just below that enter your URL, and then select “Insert Into Post”. That will kick you back to the Theme Settings page where you will select the “Save Options” button.

    Now, go to your site view and test it. 🙂

    I was able to get this to work on my Test site with the “Custom Community” Theme loaded.

    Let me know if it works for ya.

    Best Wishes!


    Go on out to your Site view and see if it worked.

    That’s a brilliant workaround Rik. I work with a site that uses this theme too and was frustrated that the header doesn’t link to the home page.

    I modified your instructions a bit, although I’m not sure it makes any difference. I created a .gif only 1 bit in depth (two color) and left it all background color which I then set to transparent. Then uploaded and set as logo as you described.


    wow awesome solution rik! cheers 🙂

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