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  • Hey, I really like this plugin, but there’s 4 things not correctly working for me:

    1) The drop down menu’s in the topbar drop under the categories bar. Looks bad and makes them not usable.

    2) I use jQuery Lightbox to view images with my Lazy gallery. When I enable your theme however, this plugin breaks, and instead of showing the image in a Lightboxy manner, it just loads the image in the full window. Also, this theme causes many links to redirect to instead of just I somehow think this is related, as Lightbox seems to load correctly at first, but then just the image appears suddenly in the full windows.

    3) Gravatar, where do I set this image? It’s not in my user profile panel.

    4) A small complaint, but nevertheless an important one: this theme is borked with Internet Explorer. Even version 7 shows major breakage, again with the dropdown menu (showing every word on a new line) and padding/margin errors). WOuld be nice if you could look into that.

    Thanks for the great theme, I’d love to use it, especially that category bar is a great find, but as is it’s not usable for me. I use version 2.3, the latest afaik at this time.

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  • Hello,

    Thanks for using my theme.

    1 & 4) Well, i’m struggling with IE right now and I think it will be our focus on the next update.

    2) This theme is not compatible with several gallery plugins if you enable the AJAX mode. For now, if you want the gallery works, disable the AJAX mode in Smells Like Facebook option in Dashboard.

    3) You can choose the sidebar picture in Smells Like Facebook. You can choose between your gravatar image (if you have registered in or another image existing in the web.

    Hello nazieb!

    Thanks for responding!

    1) I even have it with Firefox (3.0). Glad you’re looking in to it though.

    2) Tried that, seems to have no effect. I’m not sure what you did to make it incompatible, but is it possible to remove it or optionally disable?

    Just found out that when you visit a page that does not exist, the links in the menubar don’t work.

    And by the way, links with specifically this theme redirect to an URL with an extra /#. So would end up like Could you fix that as well?

    I know I’m being a pain 😉 but I really like this theme and would like to use it sooner rather than later 😉

    Quick temporary fix for the “#” in URL problem is posted here:

    Its a nice theme but it really breaks in Internet Explorer. It says an error in scripts.js on line 50. The pulldownmenus are not accessible.

    Furthermore when you try to drag widgets in the admin area: its not possible and you need to choose compat modus to add them.

    I hope you update it with fixes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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