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  • I need a bit of help and advice.

    Due to the latest update all my ads disappeared. I asked for help on this forum and someone was kind enough to advise me (branj). I took his advice and rolled back to the previous version. The ads are showing up now, so that’s a result.

    Part of his advice was to install Easy Update Manager (plugin) and disable automatic updates. I want to do that but … there’s a problem. As soon as I log in I get this dialog:
    WordPress has been updated! Before we send you on your way, we have to update your database to the newest version.
    The update process may take a little while, so please be patient.
    Update WordPress Database

    The last bit (“Update WordPress Database”) is in the form of a button, so it won’t do anything till I press it. But also I can’t do anything else … if I click on the back button to get out of the situation, I go right back to signing in. In other words, I can’t do anything on the site till I press the button.

    So press it, you’re probably saying. The only reason I don’t want to is that I don’t know what it will do. For all I know it will revert me to the update I’ve just rolled back from.

    What should I do? What will updating the database result in?

    Anyone know enough to help out? I’d appreciate it, a lot.

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    Yeah, that was a terrible idea, sorry. 🙁

    Not only do you have this quandary with the database, but now you’re vulnerable to the now publicly known security exploit that 4.2.3 fixed.

    Similarly, the automatic updates allow you to get the security updates as soon as they become publicly known.

    Is it safe to update the database in a downgrade? It’s hard to say, no one tests that.

    Instead of rolling back on top of the files, you should have restored from a recent backup (if available), though that still would have left you vulnerable.

    The right thing to do now would be to put the 4.2.3 files back, so the security vulnerability is corrected again, then you don’t have to worry about the database.

    Next, post to for assistance with the plugin, as it claims to be compatible with 4.2.3.

    When using a plugin like this, do you know if you first need to remove the adsense code that was manually added to each post?

    A suggestion made in another forum by djurre was to remove these tags from the adsense code in the database:
    Remove the first part:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, ‘// <![CDATA[‘, ” )
    Remove the second part:
    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = REPLACE( post_content, ‘// ]]>’, ” )

    I tried this on one post and it worked displaying the ads properly on my computer and iphone. Do you know if a bigger problem is being caused by removing the CDATA tags?


    You’re much better off using a plugin to handle your AdSense code. WordPress is completely right to block people from being able to do so, it opens you up to far too many security vulnerabilities.

    And the advice to disable security updates is shockingly ill-informed. It takes ten minutes to fix up a plugin or theme incompatibility after a bad update. It can take days to clean up a hacked website because you ran software with known exploits. A simple cost/benefit analysis tell us that the benefits of automatic updates far outweigh the potential problems.

    Moderator James Huff


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    It takes ten minutes to fix up a plugin or theme incompatibility after a bad update. It can take days to clean up a hacked website because you ran software with known exploits.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. :applause:

    After latest update only few of my google ads are showing.How to fix this issue. Do I need to make some changes on code which are blocking these ads.

    Any help ? Thanks in advance.

    Lego28: Please start your own thread.

    I think we both are facing same issue ?

    Thanks for the input everyone. Just got up, stayed up very late last night trying to sort this out. I had become convinced that the wisest move was to roll back to version 2.4.2 and install an update manager and a security plugin, which is what I tried to do. Before I could even work out how to get back in the site without causing it to revert to the new version again, it happened anyway!

    So at that point at least I was able to install a security plugin. The one I tried first locked me out completely within five minutes and was far too complicated for me. I was able to disable it and remove it, using a built-in ‘backdoor’, placed there for that very eventuality.

    Then I tried a different security plugin, All in One WP Security. It’s a very comprehensive plugin, took me ages to configure it and then I made mistakes. One of the options was to choose to be able to lock visitors out if you needed to for maintance purposes. Seemed to make sense … there are going to be times you’re working on your site and don’t really want anyone seeing the state it’s in, or potentially having access to it while it’s in a bit of a mess. So I clicked ‘yes’ for that.

    Another disaster!

    Just visited the site and found myself (and everyone else) locked out, the site apparently down due to maintenance issues! This is a bloody nightmare! I chose the option (I thought) to be able to do that, and instead it went ahead and locked the site down immediately. Amazing! That people are so skilled they can make these complex plugins but are unable to communicate the way they work clearly. Great at writing code … not quite so good at writing plain English, I guess.

    Running a WordPress site and trying to keep up with all the issues it involves is practically a full time job, far as I can see. (I got back in, by the way, it was easy enough to turn off that ‘lock out’).

    Anyway, got up intending to roll back again to the last version (since Wp updated my site again!), but now I see lots of input advising I shouldn’t do that and it would be dangerous.

    I can see clearly now why anyone with a healthy budget available would employ someone to run the technical side of their site. Seems it needs a very competent IT person to handle all the details properly, and if you had that you could actually focus on your site’s content and not worry whether it was all going to fall apart at any moment.

    So I’m STILL undecided what to do. To roll back to 2.4.2 and depend on plugins for security, or stick with 2.4.3 and somehow get the ads to show (no idea how, really).

    Bloody nightmare …

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Did you find out which plugin was incompatible with the newer version of WP?

    You mean the plugins for the ads? I had a couple on my site, only one of them activated. I disabled that but it made no difference.

    This is what I mean – if I’d disabled that plugin and found it was the problem I could have moved forward, but it’s all so vague and nebulous, it never seems clear what’s causing some of these problems. I’d absolutely love it if it were that easy!

    Ads EZ Plugin for Google AdSense is the one I’ve still got, but disabled. I must have deleted the other one, can’t even remember what it was called.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Can you create a new thread on your plugin’s support section highlighting the issue:


    You seem to be going about this in a very convoluted way.

    If I’m understanding correctly:
    – The update made your adsense units stop showing up.
    – You got some questionable advice to rollback the version and hack around in the database.
    – You rolled back to the previous, insecure WordPress version.
    – To compensate for running insecure software, you installed a pile of unnecessary security plugins and further broke the site.

    Am I on track so far?

    What you really should have done is:
    – Let WordPress update
    – Find a plugin that inserts ad code the correct way.
    – Relax.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    It’s easy to list that out now, but when you’re in a state of panic you don’t tend to think of things that rationally.

    Andrew, I started a new thread:
    and made it clear I’m not saying this plugin is the cause, but it might be.

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