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    I rolled back the latest update 2.0.7 as it started showing the title and breadcrumbs by default on pages and woocommerce products, 2.0.6 doesn’t have that issue.
    When is 2.0.8 coming?

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    the latest update 2.0.7

    Talking about that, it would be nice if OceanWP could publish the changelog PRIOR to release new versions…

    It’s becoming a habit here to release new versions with the changelog not updated, so we have no clue what we’re supposed to install!



    Hi, I had the same problem regarding the titles. The option to hide them it is always found in general options but in the section to hide them on tablets or smartphones and you can choose to hide the titles on all devices. I agree with you on the release of the changelog. Not good at all




    I apologize for your trouble.
    For changelog, I’ll pass your message to the management team and usually, we update the changelog at the time of update.

    One title setting has been moved in the visibility tab, so you need to do that setting again via Appearance > Customize > General options > Page title, Visibility tab.

    Here is the Changelog- 2021.04.16. – 2.0.7
    Moved – Customizer hide page title setting to the visibility setting section.
    Fixed – Multistep checkout undefined error notice.

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    Something else must have changed in 2.0.7, I updated again and the visibility choice is of course there where you say but that is not the main issue.

    In 2.0.6 the title & breadcrumb are visible in posts for me and not for pages or woocommerce products but after update to 2.0.7 I have titles visible on pages and all my woocommerce products and woocommerce category pages which I don’t want, posts are still as they where.



    Same here. My pages were designed with my own hero headings, but after the update, they are showing the title above my design. When I click again on “Hiding titles on all devices” on the Customizer, the pages look as they were before, but my blog posts have lost the option of the full-width header using the featured image.

    So, the only way to keep it as it was before is to enable title visibility in all devices in the customizer, and then changing it manually on the settings section of every page to “disable in all devices”. Really annoying, since I have lot of pages (x2, since it’s a bilingual site). Please get that option back!


    I sincerely apologize for your trouble.

    I have already passed the issues on to the concerned dev team to look into it and I’ll update you soon on this.

    @codimex would you be so kind to share your page URL where you facing the full-width header issue to check it.

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    2.0.8 sorted it for me

    Glad to know that issue has been fixed.

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