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  • Hello all

    I’m a tad unclear on the descriptions given under the Roles and Capabilities in the Codex.

    It says that the Author can publish and edit, but it doesn’t say exactly what or where, or even under what conditions.

    What I need is my authors to have the ability to manage, edit, save, draft, publish, delete THEIR own (not anyone else’s). Also they must be restricted to posting in their own catagory.

    Can the Author Role do this? If not, is there a hack or plugin that will let me restrict and set permissions this way?

    Kind regards


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  • I highly recommend that role manager plugin moshu linked. I’ll explain a bit why you would like it. Firstly, it indicates each specific function that is enabled for each role. Secondly, it let’s you click on or off each individual function. Don’t want an Editor to be able to change categories? click it off. Thirdly, you can create new custom roles, and specifically select what that role can do.

    It’s hugely useful for knowing what a role can do, and hugely powerful in customizing specifically what each role, and therefore what each user can do.

    And it comes with a free bag of chips*.

    *Note, free offer is not actually a bag or chips, nor is it an offer.

    Fantastic!!! Trying it out now. Thank you both! 🙂

    Love the manager, however it doesn’t let me restrict a user to doing things in One catagory only.

    It is important that my users only post in their catagory (named after their real name). They’d hunt me down if even one person published to a catagory not theirs. heh

    Any ideas how to do this?



    Limiting catagories a user can select during posting/editing

    While this plugin is useful, it doesn’t set it per user, but by group. Would hate to have to make some hundred groups just to accommadate each member of the club.

    Any suggestions?

    I combine the role manager and limit categories plugins to do what you describe. You can create a role and assign the categories to that role. Then just assign the appropriate user to that role. Although it’s an extra step, it’s more powerful in the end. You can easily have two people with the same access, and treat them as a team.

    Yeah, seems only way to do it without learning to code a plugin. But I’ve nearly 100 people that I’ll have to make a role for each. Not looking forward to it.

    When you say they are restricted to posting in their own categories, do you mean they each get a uniquely named category? Perhaps you don’t need categories, but instead do your page display based on users. In other words, have everyone post to the default category, and have links in the side bar for that users posts. Did that make sense?

    Oooh, that makes sense! Yes, each one would have their own cat labelled as their name. Thank you! Not sure why I didn’t think of that. lol

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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