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    I have a bundle of plugins I use for websites that are packaged together within another “container” plugin. Activating the container plugin activates all the plugins within the container.

    |- Plugin A
    |- Plugin B
    |- Plugin C

    This works great in most cases (except for any of the individual plugin updates not showing up as per usual.)

    However when I include this plugin in my pack, I don’t see the Plugin listed under settings and if I try to access the plugin’s settings via the correct URL path (domain.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=google_analytics), I get the error:

    You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

    Any idea why this would be? I’d really like to include this as part of my plugin pack in this fashion.

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    Sorry for the late answer. If I understand you correctly you are including our plugin inside another plugin, but out plugin never gets activated/run?

    How exactly are you including and activating the plugins within the container plugin? Have you had the same issue with any other plugins as well?

    We will try to recreate this issue and if possible let you know about any solutions.

    Your WebKinder team

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    Awesome. If you would like help in recreating my setup, let me know.

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    We were not able to recreate your issue. Could you describe your setup in more detail?


    In our plugins folder we have a custom plugin


    custom-pack.php is:

    Plugin Name: My Plugin Package
    Description: Contains multiple sub-plugins including: plugin-1, plugin-2, & wk-google-analytics
    include dirname(__FILE__) . '/plugin-1/plugin-1.php';
    include dirname(__FILE__) . '/plugin-2/plugin-2.php';
    include dirname(__FILE__) . '/wk-google-analytics/wk-ga.php';
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    We just reproduced the exact setup you described and it worked fine. The problem seems to be specific to your setup or environment. Feel free to email us at support@webkinder.ch and we can help you figure out what the exact issue is, but for the public support thread here this is all we can do.

    It must have something to do with modified roles/permissions for the site in question.
    I’ll look a little closer on my end before emailing you. Thanks

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    Thank you. It would be helpful if you could mark the support thread as resolved.

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