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  • Hello, great plugin. I use it at work and just bought the frontend version.
    My problems are :
    – Only editors or administrators can create new projects. I’d like subscribers to be able to create projects.
    – Editors can see all the projects. I’d like a role which can create new projects but which can see only the projects they are in.

    Is there a solution to make that possible ?
    Thank you very much

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  • +1 to that questions

    Finally i succeeded in changing the code so that everyone can create a project (i’m not that far to specify which role should get the right to create a project, but hey, after weeks of research [i’m not a programmer], i’ve found a way)

    What you have to do is to comment out certain if functions where admin_right is checked.

    1) ajax.php in folder wedevs-project-manager\class\
    Comment out lines 59-64:

    /*       //fail if current user is not editor or above
              if ( !$pro_obj->has_admin_rights() ) {
                echo json_encode( array('success' => false) );

    2) project.php in folder wedevs-project-manager\class\
    Comment out lines 332-336:

            if ( current_user_can( $admin_right ) ) {
                return true;

    Warning: The return false function after it should not be commented out.

    3) index.php in folder wedevs-project-manager\views\project\
    Comment out within line 12 the if condition:

    <?php /*if ( $project_obj->has_admin_rights() ) */{ ?>

    Same procedure within line 52:

    <?php /*if ( $project_obj->has_admin_rights() )*/ { ?>

    Have fun 🙂

    I’ve just found out an error caused by the comment out in number 2.

    Commenting out the project.php lines 332-336 withdrew the possibility to edit an existing project. Instead of commenting out simply change the return after the if condition to true, even if the user has no admin_right:

    2) project.php in folder wedevs-project-manager\class\
    return true; instead of return false;

    if ( current_user_can( $admin_right ) ) {
                return true;
            return true; //originally return false

    sorry 🙂 if someone finds another bug, please let me know.

    Great job, thank you!!!

    Hi guys
    All of you will be happy that roles and permission is nicely added the pro version of this plugin
    You can add managers, co-workers and clients in your project. You’ve absolute control over the user roles and what they can see. Check the pro version link

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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